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A Typical Day at the Office

Office Space is an absolute must see. This classic makes some fantastic cracks about corporate America. Honestly, how many of us have not lived through the first 60 seconds of the movie?

Enjoy watching the clip below and answer the comprehension questions.



[mlw_quizmaster quiz=23]


Let us know how you typically spend a day in the office.

Here are some useful phrases to keep in mind when talking about a typical day at work:

I usually …
It’s normal for me to …
Typically ….
A typical morning/afternoon involves ….
At around …. I tend to ….
I use the morning/afternoon to …
At … I always ….
I spend about 2 hours ….
I dedicate one hour every morning to …
The afternoon is reserved for ….
I always leave some time free in the mornings to ….
I generally …

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