What are ‘chèques formation’?

‘Chèques formation’ are electronic vouchers that are part developed by the Walloon Region to stimulate continued education. Companies and sole-proprietors can use these vouchers as a means of payment for any training that they follow from a certified training centre based in Wallonia. Each voucher costs €15, but has a facial value of €30. Ultimately, this offers a €15 subsidy for every hour of training per person. Companies have a right to anywhere from 100 to 800 training vouchers per year, depending on their situation.

Training vouchers: how do I know if I’m eligible?

Training vouchers are available for the following profiles, as long as they are registered in Wallonia and employ less than 250 people :

  • any natural or legal entity with a commercial interest
  • fully or partially self-employed individuals and their spouses, under certain conditions

If this is your first time ordering vouchers in the last year, you’ll have to register first.

Download and fill out the following forms, depending on your status :

Send the forms via post to FOREM– Chèque-Formation Boulevard Tirou 104 à 6000 Charleroi or e-mail them to chequeformation.siegecentral@forem.be. 

Within a few days, you should receive a confirmation from Sodexo that your registration was accepted.

Once that’s done, you will be able to place an order for the desired number of training vouchers. You effectuate a payment to Sodexo’s bank account communicating your authorization number. Once the payment is received, the vouchers will appear in your virtual wallet.

The amount that you need to transfer corresponds to the number of vouchers that you would like to order (one voucher per hour of training per person) X €15. Once you have received a confirmation of your order, you can visit the extranet site SoEasy® or call 02 547 55 79 to request your utilisation code.

For a 30 hour training with 5 employees, hourly fee €59 :

The company buys 30 virtual vouchers per person from Sodexo.

The total cost for the company : 30 (h) x 5 (employees) x €15 (purchase price) = €2,250

Sodexo reimburses :

  1. to the language center : the cost of the training, càd. 59 € x 30h = € 1,770 ;
  2. to the company : [(30 vouchers x 5 people ) x 30 €] – €1,770 (cost of the training) = €2,730 .

At the end, your company receives a subsidy of 480€ and a completely free language training ! (€ 2,730 – € 2,250)

For more information on the training vouchers:

Contact the FOREM ( 0800 93 947 or via e-mail).

Otherwise, contact LV Linguistics. We’ll be happy to assist you through the process.

For each employee working in the real-estate sector (CP 323), a financial intervention of up to €250/year is provided by the Fonds Social 323 via the ‘Budget de Formation Individuel (BFI)’.

For details and conditions, please visit le site web du Fonds Social 323.

We’d love to help your company achieve its language objectives.