6 Completely Free Podcasts for Business English Study

6 Completely Free Podcasts for Business English Study

6 Completely Free Podcasts for Business English Study

Having an excessive bank of vocabulary is fundamental if you want to be able to communicate in English. However, communication is a two-way street. To be truly proficient in a language, not only must you be able to clearly express your thoughts, but you must be able to comprehend other parties.

It is by being able to listen and truly understand what you’re hearing that you are able to utilize your foreign language to really engage with people. It is via such engagement that meaningful relationships are built in business.

We’ve talked before about how a fully immersive environment is optimal for learning English. What’s more, regular exposure to the language of native English speakers sets a great basis for natural language development. Unfortunately, not everybody has the opportunity to interact with native speakers on a regular basis. And, even if you do, sometimes the speech is so fast and jumbled that it’s impossible to really absorb what you’re hearing and to learn from these interactions.

Podcasts are a perfect solution in this case. They give language learners an opportunity for a controllable listening study. You can listen to a file as many times as you need, slow it down or speed it up as needed, or pause it in order to repeat new phrases and practice your pronunciation.

We’ve compiled a list of 6 really interesting podcasts that are absolutely free!

The Business Podcasts

The Business is a four-level course, written by Macmillan, focusing on business-related themes. The books target not only on Business language but also important business skills necessary for professionals. As an additional resource, Macmillan has provided a series of listening files that can be downloaded by anybody. They come with the listening script, as well as useful worksheets to help with listening comprehension. The scripts are “interviews focusing on working life in the UK”. The great thing about the interviews is that they’re held with people of various nationalities. As a result, the listener is exposed to different accents that one would hear in the real world.

BBC: Business Daily

The podcasts from BBC are downloadable files encompassing current events. They are fast paced and great for intermediate to advanced English learners. They tend to be between 15-20 minutes and involve about 3-4 different topics. Although some interviews are held with non-native speakers, the accents are true British. The accounts are narrated quite dramatically – as if the speaker was reading from a novel and not discussing the realities of the world, which makes the material that much more interesting.

CNN Podcasts

This series consists of 3 video and 5 audio programs, all somewhat different in theme. While all focusing on the news, Fareed GPS and State of the Union is more political while Erin Burnett and Anderson Cooper really highlight the headlines. Here you have an American account of events, which is great if it’s necessary for you to practice hearing non-European accents. The reports are lively and quite lengthy, providing subscribers with close to 3/4 of an hour of listening material.

The Economist: Multimedia Library

The Business and Economics section of these recordings covers a range of insightful topics. The Economist itself provides some strong opinions on these issues that could seem provocative in the certitude with which they’re explained. These recordings are a great way to expand your view beyond the recent headlines and question deeply what’s happening in the world around us. The speakers are pleasantly eloquent and enunciate quite well, which makes it great for an English learner to use these files for language practice.

HBR Ideacast

These podcasts cover many topics that are quite relevant to the creation and management of companies, as well as other matters related to office life and careers. They provide great recommendations on how to approach pertinent problems in the business world. It’s a great way to learn fashionable vocabulary, or buzz words, currently used within the different functions one can find in an organization. These would surely be more relevant for a more advanced English speaker who is learning to brush up specifically Business related content in order to engage in complex conversations.

TEDTalks Business

Ted Talks are the epitome of motivation and inspiration. The chosen topics are vast and are presented by famous executives, entrepreneurs, psychologists, authors, and more. Whether you’re looking for a speech on the importance of body language or revolutionary ideas on how to manage your business, this channel is definitely for anyone willing to learn and develop their ideas.

We’re looking forward to learning what you thought about these channels. Don’t forget to share if there are any podcasts that you really enjoy that aren’t on this list.

Happy Listening!

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