Our strength : we specialize in English, Dutch, Spanish, etc. for business 

LV Linguistics was created to support the foreign language development of companies that believe knowledge of foreign languages is a pivotal factor in their growth, innovation, and internationalization. We’re convinced that modern teaching methods, centred on realistic and engaging role-plays, help you learn foreign languages in the most efficient way.

All of our instructors have been selected for their experience relative to the professional world. As a result, they are fully capable to ensure that the language you learn in our classes satisfies your particular and professional needs. We are also able to fulfill any functional English, Dutch, Spanish, etc. requirements that you may have :  office workers, managers, executives, …and all corporate departments (human resources, legal, sales, marketing, finance, IT, …).

The additional value your receive : free personalized language evaluations for all class participants

In order to select the ideal language course for your or your team, we always conduct a complete needs analysis and language assessment . The test is both written and verbal, and helps us to direct you to the curriculum which is most relevant to your professional objectives.

Our vision

We take pride in the long term relationships that we create with our clients. Our hope is to become one of your company’s preferred partners and help you increase the value of your organization on the international market. We’re well aware of the fact that one of your primary needs is effectiveness. Our method and close follow-up are designed to ensure that you obtain the greatest results in the shortest time possible. Before, during, and at the end of every language course that you take with us, we measure and assure that your are on the right track to reaching your foreign language objectives. 

Jeux de rôle
Pratique oral

We offer a completely immersive environment where our language instructors put emphasis on speaking practice, subtly integrating important grammar concepts. Our method consists of four fundamental principles which are critical in foreign language learning : structure, immersion, role-play, and movement. 



Regardless of level, participants always know what is going to happen during one of their language courses. All of the lessons are structured in the same way. This consistency is essential and facilitates the foreign language learning process.


The opportunity to really master a new language is based upon the possibility of being in a completely immersive environment.  It’s precicely for this reason that no languages other than the target language are permitted in the classroom. With the help of gestures and images, even absolute beginners can communicate without reverting to their mother tongue.

Role Play

More than half of every language lesson is dedicated to realistic role-plays. During these activities, participants are able to put in practice all of the vocabulary and expressions that they have studied and be able to confidently use them once they set foot outside of the classroom.


Students are encouraged to use gestures and to move throughout all of the interactive activities. Physical activity used in conjunction with speaking helps to better absorb the lesson material by creating cognitive links. This technique assures a rapid and long-lasting acquisition of the target language.