Welcome to your The 'bogus boss' email scam costing firms millions

Name Business Email Phone Number
What does the word 'bogus' mean in this context?
What happened to Carole Gratzmuller when she came back from vacation?
How many people work for Carole's firm? (enter a number)

Where is Etna Industrie located?
What was the firm a victim of?
When did the accountant receive a call? (2 words)

What was Etna Industrie supposedly going to do with the transferred money?
How did Gratzmuller feel after she learned of the event?

Does the bank agree with the court's decision?
What is a key tactic of such swindlers?
How often do corporate phishing scams happen in France, according to police?
Approximately how many US companies have fallen victim to such a crime?

Why is this type of fraud so successful?
Where do scammers find the information they need to conduct fraud?

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