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1) Describes a situation when income generated by an economy moves to a different economy. For instance, when European citizens use their wages to make purchases in China, their money moves from the European economic system into China's.
2) A company that controls an extremely large percentage of a market due to its large size.
3) The spread of drastic changes, positive or negative, in market conditions within a geographic area.
4) Describes a market that is appreciating and growing but will eventually pop or collapse.
5) A company that attempts an unwanted takeover, or, in other words, a hostile takeover.
6) A situation where the success of a business sharply rises. During this period, companies are able to sell a significantly high quantity of products and services.
7) People who favor gold as an investment believing that it will inevitably show returns.
8) What a person considers as a large quantity of money.
9) Periods during which share prices in the stock market continuously rise in value.
10) This represents anything happening in the market that positively impacts an investor, such as by increasing his dividends.

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