It’s not always evident when to use the verb ‘to be’ versus ‘to have’. Especially for native French speakers.

Here is a quiz to help you practice.


Enter the correct form of either 'to be' or 'to have'.

For this exercise, do not use contractions.

For example, rather than writing she 's, write she is.
They ___ a meeting this afternoon.
It absolutely ___ to be done.
He ___ a great idea to pitch.
I ___ a lawyer.
You ___ several options.
She ___ a Master in English literature.
She ___ late.
They ___ a solid action plan.
They ___ in charge of the event.
It ___ a shame.
We ___ dedicated.
You ___ nominated for the award.
I ___ concerns.
She ___ another two years before retirement.
You ___ a lot to learn.
It ___ about time you arrive.
They ___ inexperienced.
We ___ several investments in Thailand.
She ___ the manager.
He _____ a judge.
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