Welcome to Marketing Buzzwords| Quiz 2

The idea that potential customers are constantly connected to the internet which increases the possibility to market to them.
A close collaboration between the efforts of sales and marketing departments.
The idea that Google deprioritizes non-mobile friendly websites to the bottom of search results.
The practice of using specific software to perform predetermined marketing tasks. For instance, a marketer might use a program to schedule social media posts in advance.
Directing marketing to people who want to receive certain messages. Signing up for a monthly newsletter is an example.
Technology that can be worn on the body like clothing or an accessory.
Creating relationships with potential customers who are not ready to be approached by a sales department.
Text on promotional literature, online or off, which gives instructions to the reader to do something. An example would be to call the company or click on a link.
Building engagement with a customer with a dialogue, rather than pushing information in their direction.
Using a well-known news story to create a marketing message.

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