Il y a 50 questions dans ce test.

Si vous ne connaissez pas la réponse, veuillez sélectionner 'Je ne sais pas/I don't know'.

Ceci assure un meilleur estimation de votre niveau.

Amusez-vous bien!

Numéro de téléphone
Roger is ____ Switzerland.
A: Do you smoke ?

B: No, I ____.
A: ____ does he work ?

B: In a hospital.

How ____ do they play golf ?
Are there ____ messages for me ?
I'm afraid I can't ____ the meeting at three
He ____ in when I rang.
Henry ____ school at fifteen
A: When ____ he phone ?

B: At around three
How ___ time off do you get a year ?
It is hotter today ____ yesterday.
I go to work ____ foot.
I ____ on an important project at the moment.
I____ the report yet. I need a couple more hours.
I ____ a profit this year.
A: Can I have extension 315 ?

B: I'll just ____ you through.
Could I ____ a message ?
A: What's he like ?

B: He ____.
A: How do you do ?

B: ____
Who ____ the first e-mail ?
I'll ____ with the e-mail straight away.
It's the ____ meal I've ever eaten !
I'll have breakfast sent ____ to your room.
Prices have remained ____ in the first quarter.
I'm writing to ____ the refund for damaged goods.
35,000 people _____ in the last five years.
It cost one hundred euros! What a complete _____ of money.
He _____ me that he was happy in his new department.
We _____ less time travelling, if we worked from home.
Does the conference centre have internet _____?
Sorry, I didn’t _____ that. Could you say it again?
Would you mind _____ , please?
You _____ be tired after your long journey.
I agree with you up to a _____.
____ I thought everyone knew.
Let’s move _____ to the next point of my presentation.
I’m sorry, but can I just _____ in here?
So, let’s sum _____ what we’ve discussed so far.
I _____ from you.
How are things _____ you?
I think it’s _____ of cheese with cream and white wine.
I’m sorry for the _____ in getting back to you with the quote.
I suggested _____ the whole thing forward by a week.
With _____ I think that’s a little too low.
_____ no see. You haven’t changed a bit!
Are you saying they’ve fallen _____ of projections again?
It was a very _____ meeting in the end
I’ve just _____ a job with Bill Gates!
Can I get hold _____ the organisers?

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