Welcome to your Present The Perfect Simple Tense

Has he ever _____ late?
I have _____ been so disappointed, in my life.
_____ they decided on an action plan?
She has never _____ me negative feedback.
She has just been _____.
Have you _____ in marketing?
_____ called the supplier yet?
She _____ the site before.
Have you _____ to Italy?
We _____ 5 versions this year.
I _____ with this company for 25 years.
_____ the meeting finished?
Have _____ reached an agreement?
Have you finished the presentation _____?
He has _____ fired.
I have just _____ a major client.
We _____ considered purchasing another building.
I have _____ worked with him.
He _____ never worked in sales.
He _____ a lot of commitment to this company.

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