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1. How do you spend your weekends?
2. I'm _____ at golf.
3. I _____ horror movies. They're horrible!
4. How many countries _____ to?
5. You _____ eaten the last piece of cake, have you?
6. I'm _____ a lot of pressure.
7. What are you doing this weekend?
8. We walked through a very dangerous part of the city. I was _____.
9. When I came home, my husband _____ cooking.
10. He _____ to be a bit loud.
11. _____ worked in sales?
12. You'd _____ watch out for wolves.
13. _____ tired, I went to the party.
14. He _____ quit his job last year, but he chickened out.
15. I wish I _____ more assertive (in general).
16. I wish you _____ working this weekend. Otherwise, you would be able to go to the event with me.
17. I _____ drive to work. Walking is so much better for the health.
18. I _____ enjoy eating pickles. Now, I find them _____.
19. If you _____, what would you have done?
20. Fill in the blank with one (1) word:

Italy is _____ we got married.
21. I _____ early. I have another meeting scheduled.
22. _____ you tell her you were coming?
23. Choose the best response:


Speaker 1: What's wrong?

Speaker 2: _____.
24. Speaker 1: I should have realized my bag was open.

Speaker 2: _____.
25. I was minding my own business.  Then, ____, the security guard pounced on me!
26. I'm not sure, but I _____ left the stove on.
27. Speaker 1: What _____?

Speaker 2: The fish looks good.
28. Speaker 1: How did he get in?

Speaker 2: _____.

This time next year, _____ in Paris.
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