Enter the correct form of either 'to be' or 'to have'.

For this exercise, do not use contractions.

For example, rather than writing she 's, write she is.
They ___ a meeting this afternoon.
It absolutely ___ to be done.
He ___ a great idea to pitch.
I ___ a lawyer.
You ___ several options.
She ___ a Master in English literature.
She ___ late.
They ___ a solid action plan.
They ___ in charge of the event.
It ___ a shame.
We ___ dedicated.
You ___ nominated for the award.
I ___ concerns.
She ___ another two years before retirement.
You ___ a lot to learn.
It ___ about time you arrive.
They ___ inexperienced.
We ___ several investments in Thailand.
She ___ the manager.
He _____ a judge.
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