How To Make a Self Work Appraisal in English


Work appraisals are very common in large companies. Another trend is to ask the employee to first analyze his own job performance. This is what we would call a self work appraisal.


Do the following exercise to get some examples of how to make a great work appraisal in English.


Watch this clip from The Office of Big Keith’s work appraisal. When you’re finished laughing, think about what message the sketch is projecting about work appraisals.

Do you have work appraisals in your company?

Do you think they are effective in improving performance? Why/Why not?




Vocabulary Exercise

Tim Morganson is a software engineer who has just completed a personal appraisal of his performance. Match his comments with the relevant topic.

When I saw a glitch in the software at the beginning of the year, I was the first one to bring the issue forward. I ensured that correct measures were taken to bring the software back to normal and followed the activity through to completion. Thanks to this, we were able to avoid any negative effect on our daily operations.
In April, I was selected to provide some Java training to newcomers. My presentation was very concise and the participants commended me on how clearly I taught the content.
While working on the new program for Eltax Ltd., I must have received a dozen change requests from them within a single month. Keeping in mind every one of their requests, I was able to provide Eltax a program that fully met their expectations.
Before asking for help on a project, I make sure that I’ve first explored all possible avenues.
I work frequently with my colleagues and am always available to provide support when needed. For example, last month, Kim was having some coding issues. She and I sat together for about 3 hours trying to spot the problem before finally figuring it out together.



Grammar Exercise – Prepositions


Using the prompts, create SMART goals ( Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely).

 Increase sales

+6%/by/year-end/before/increase sales
Help colleagues

provide/training sessions/to/September/by/3/colleagues
Find customers

20/in/prospects/contact/April & May
Improve technical skills

attend/in/3D printing technology/November/seminar/the
Assist customers

customer complaints/3 days/close/of all/within/80%

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